Sunday, August 26, 2012

Open Science Startups and Supercomputers

Seems like everyone is figuring out the shtick of open science can be a highly desired enterprise:  Mendeley, a London-based startup, acts as a Wikipedia of open science and has really exploded in terms of its monthly traffic.  Check out Mendeley's site here to learn more.

Not only that, more and more investments into collaborative science are being made with hefty investments.  The National Energy Research Scientific Computer Center (NERSC) signed a $40 million supercomputer agreement with Cray Cascade System with a specific aim of advancing open science efforts. 

So here we have examples of how there are very lucrative means of engaging open science as well as sites available to really get involved, not to mention innumerable other groups like Mendeley.  Seems like some things are going in a very positive direction.
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